When you test your app, you may miss one of the important parts of the localisation: Right to Left(RTL) languages! There are a couple of languages that the direction of the text is from right to left such as Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, and more. Here we’re going to review some of the important points that by considering them you can easily have the RTL language support in your app and make your app usage even wider.

First of all, we need to know how to test the app in right to left(RTL) conditions. …

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Having a reliable and durable iOS app or framework depends on many things, but no one can deny the necessity of unit testing and UI testing for this purpose. The question comes up here is that are all codes tastable? No, unfortunately!

In this article, we review an example of improper code for testing and try to suggest some ways to solve the issue by applying various software techniques.

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Here I’m going to give you some tips about how to use SwiftLint in existing or new projects with four steps helping you to setup SwiftLint in your projects.

What is SwiftLint?

SwiftLint is a tool that can be used for enforcing Swift style and conventions in projects written in Swift. You can install it in many different ways such as installing in your machine or add it to your CocoaPods repo. Check the following link to see how do you want to install it:

Adding to your project

After installing the SwiftLint, you can add it to your project by adding a shell script to…

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Getting feedback from the users is one of the most important parts of every mobile application with a business plan. The app users in iOS can provide their feedback in the form of ratings and reviews at AppStore. In this article, we are presenting an easy and effective solution to get feedback from users.

Before the arrival of iOS 10.3, developers used a create a button with a link to AppStore to provide a way for users to rate the application. The link could be created as follows:

If you do not know your app id follow these steps…

You may face the situations where it is needed some asynchronous tasks to be done first and then you can jump to the next stage of your swift program. In this article we are looking at different solutions we can apply to run the tasks asynchronously and get notified or get the results at the end of the process.

As a common case, you may need to store the results of multiple network requests first and then display the proper data to the user.

Indeed if you have to request many network resources for performing a feature of your application…

You can create custom shapes in iOS with using the power of UIBezierPaths. In this tutorial, we are going to create custom arrow shape with bezier paths and then animate the degree of its edge by CABasicAnimation.

You can use shape layers for creating UI elements. The shape layers are vector-based, so the quality doesn’t change with changing resolution. It is possible to animate the shape layers with Core Animation libraries which is another advantage of shaper layers. Additionally, the process of rendering the CAShapeLayer optimises by hardware.

Before starting to create a shape, let’s see the axis of drawing…

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